Neck Size Die - 40-65, 40-70 Sharps


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Manufacturer: Lyman
Description Neck Size Die - 40-65, 40-70 Sharps
Manufacture ID: 7135055

Lyman 40-65,40-70 Sharps Neck Size Die Only 7135055

Classic rifle shooters rely on Lyman's Powder Neck Size Die (40 Caliber) to retain the fireformed case dimensions. By not overworking the brass, this die produces superior accuracy and extends the life of expensive shells.


- Caliber: 40 Cal. (40-65, 40-70 Sharps Straight)
- Material: Steel
- Die Type: Neck Sizing
- Accessories: Plastic storage case included
- A Sizing Die is used to 'squeeze' the enlarged case back to its proper size and usually also to deprime it
- For straight walled black powder cases
- Will not overwork expensive brass