8mm - 200 Gr HPBT Match (Per 100)


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Manufacturer: Sierra Bullets

8mm - 200 Gr HPBT Match (Per 100)
Manufacture ID: 2415

For serious rifle competition, you'll be in championship company with MatchKing bullets. The hollow point boat tail design provides that extra margin of ballistic performance match shooters need to fire at long ranges under adverse conditions. Sierra's exacting tolerances assure record-breaking accuracy you can depend on, box after box.

The 8mm (.323" dia.) 200 grain HPBT MatchKing combines optimum bullet design with the tightest quality control specs in the industry. Designed for the 8x57 Mauser, this bullet will also prove to be a superb long-range match bullet for the larger 8mm's. Featuring the same jackets as the .30 caliber MatchKings, this bullet has a 13-degree boattail, 7.28 ogive, minimum meplat diameter, and a bearing surface of nearly .400". This bullet has previously been offered only in Europe.

8mm Caliber MatchKing
200 Grain HPBTHollow Point Boat Tail

Diameter: .323
Sectional Density: .274
Ballistic Coefficients: .520 2300fps and above .505 between 2300 and 1700 fps .461 1700 fps and below

Note: These are component bullets, not loaded ammunition.

Warranty: Warranted against manufacturer defects.