10mm - 150 Gr JHP (Per 100)


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Manufacturer: Sierra Bullets
Description 10mm - 150 Gr JHP (Per 100)
Manufacture ID: 8430

Sports Master handgun bullets are engineered to provide consistent, reliable expansion over a wide range of velocities. Sierra has added a serrated "Power Jacket" on hollow cavity and hollow point bullets.

On impact, the "Power Jacket" expands uniformly along the serration lines for consistent weight retention and maximum energy transfer.

10MM .400 Caliber Sports Master
Power Jacket
150 Grain JHPJacketed Hollow Point

Diameter: .400/10.16mm
Sectional Density: .134
Ballistic Coefficients: .120 1150 fps and above .130 between 1150 and 1000 fps .142 between 1000 and 850 fps .110 850 fps and below

Note: These are component bullets, not loaded ammunition.

Warranty: Warranted against manufacturer defects.