American Dieset 2 30-06 .308 w/Shell Holder


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Manufacturer: Hornady
Description American Dieset 2 30-06 .308 w/Shell Holder
Manufacture ID: 486340

Perfect for the handloader looking to maximize the efficiency of their reloads, American Series™ die sets deliver excellent reloading performance.
DieD bodies are precision reamed from premium steel that is hardened to exacting specifications. They are then polished to a smooth finish that will endure the rigors of countless reloading sessions.

- Each die set includes a FREE shell holder.
- Sizing dies size to SAAMI specifications.
- Internal spindles, expanders and seating stems are interchangeable with other components on the market.
- Basic reloading data and two extra decapping pins are also included.
- All Hornady reloading tools and accessories are warranted against material defects and workmanship for the life of the product.