Where to Buy

The following is a list of fine retailers that you can purchase VulcanChecks brand gas checks from.


 M N P Cast Bullets - 44 Martel Way, Brattleboro, VT 05301 - (802) 254-5296

A cast bullet manufacturer specializing in hundreds of various types, calibers and weights of cast bullets. If you are looking for a hard to find cast bullet they are there to help. M N P Cast Bullets is using VulcanChecks gas checks on their cast bullets.

Sooner Reloading Supply - 39 Park Avenue, Prue, OK 74060 - (918) 242-3486

A full retailer of reloading supplies, equipment, firearms cleaning and shooting supplies. They are also a full line manufacturer of custom pistol and rifle ammunition.  


We are continually looking for retailers to carry our products. If you are interested in carrying VulcanChecks Gas Checks please contact us for information. Thanks!

You can always purchase VulcanChecks brand gas checks through Amazon.com


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