About Us

VulcanChecks was founded in 2013 on one premise. We endeavor to provide discount reloading components and equipment without sacrificing quality.

While looking at other products on the market we were upset with one thing. The price of most of the commercially available equipment and components were not in line with being affordable to the budget minded handloader. We have worked with a team of partners and have developed channels to provide deep discounts on brand name components and equipment, and have provided those discounts to you.


Whats With The Name?

We have had some people ask us, "What is with the name VulcanChecks?" Well, we can give you a little clarification.

Vulcan is the Roman God of fire and the forge. He is often depicted holding a blacksmiths hammer. Being that our business started as a business involved in the creation of a metal product the name VulcanChecks came to be. 

You can learn more about Vulcan at Wikipedia.


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